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Hold On Now, Wait A Minute, Let Me Put Some Butter In It!


Now I know  said I had my chocolate pie recipe figured out.

I lied.

I’ve changed the crust recipe.


Because this crust causes the heavens to open up,

The Angels to cry out,

And the light of heaven shine down upon me.

It’s THAT good.

The Pioneer Woman’s Pie Crust


Chicken #1, a Verdict


Moistness:  Good!

Crispness of Skin:  Great!

Flavor of Meat: Just Okay (enter wah wah wahhhhh sound).

      I washed and dried my bird then rubbed it down well with real salted butter. Afterwards I added a good amount of salt and pepper both in the cavity (ewww) and all surface areas.  I then trussed it with butcher’s twine and baked it atop a broiling rack which helped create more even browning and crispier skin. Everyone ate it and complimented on it but I’m not happy yet.  I think next time I need to brine the chicken overnight before cooking.  Also,I think I may stuff the cavity (ewww) with some flavor inducing items such as lemon or maybe some carrots and onion.


It’s All About Culture


I easily become obsessed with things.

Lately it’s been Julia Child and this:


Home made yogurt to be exact.

My husband and I love it.

My kids? Meh, not so much.

It’s fairly simple to make:

1 gallon milk heated to 180* F then cooled to 110* F.

When cooled to 110*F add 2 cups of dry milk and 1 cup of live culture yogurt.

Poor into sterilized jars with tight fitting lids.

Wrap in towel and place in you oven to keep away from drafts.

Let it sit overnight and there you go.

I strain mine afterwards because I like mine thicker.

Then add a touch of vanilla and some brown sugar.