When You Want More


I have a good life.

I have a good and blessed life.

So why do I want more?

So why am I not satisfied with what I have?

Why do I always want more?

Jealously wiggles itself in and I grieve for what I don’t have.

Silly really.

I have so much.

I have so many blessings.

Why do I think I deserve more?

It’s hard.

Hard not to compare my life to the lives of others and not be jealous of the grass that looks greener.

I’m figuring if I’d snap out of it I’d realize how green the grass is in my own yard.

Amazing beautifully green.


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  1. Your first picture? Amazingly beautiful!
    I can’t believe how grown up the kids are getting! Ian looks completely different! Where did you get Carlie’s shirt? It’s so cute! I ❤ your glasses! Ya look marvelous!

    I struggle with jealousy all the time. That and asking GOd why we have to struggle all the time when I'm trying my best to live the way he wants us to. I watch people fall into tiny puddles and come out with huge blessings and meanwhile we just stepped into a giant sinkhole and are struggling not to drown and it starts to rain on us. Not raining blessings either. I keep trying to remind myself that one day in Heaven I'll be able to see how the tapestry of my life came together, and it will all be worth it even though it feels like I'm being strangled by all the strands.

    Is there anything specific I can pray for you about?

    • I took that picture one evening when my sister and I went on an adventure.

      Carlie’s shirt was a present from my sister. She always finds the cute stuff.

      I couldn’t of said it better. I just don’t get why we struggle when I feel like we are doing what we are supposed to be doing. It’s silly of me to feel the way I do when I am so richly blessed but still I do.

      As for prayer request… confirmation that we are doing what we are supposed to be doing and if we aren’t then a clear direction to move towards.

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