And My Heart Breaks


When most people think of the words “lunch lady” they think of support hose, hair net, and the mother of all face moles. Me? I think of warm hugs, silly kids, hot lunches, juice boxes, and the occasional kid who’s being a turd. These week my view has expanded to include heart ache, encourager, and prayer warrior.

My heart broke for the little girl who when lunch was over stood clinging to her daddy who had come to be with her at lunch and was trying to hug her goodbye. My heart ached for the special needs child who cried and screamed in frustration because he knew what he wanted and needed but he couldn’t make the thoughts in his head connect to the sounds in his mouth in order to tell the teacher what he wanted. I’ve prayed and prayed for the family of children in a difficult home situation that is ending in both good and bad ways. I was ashamed of myself for being a little relieved when an especially tooty little one missed school. Now that said tooty child has been gone three days I’m worried for him.

I love the attachments I make with these kids. I love that they come running to me for hugs and love. I get tickled at their stories and my heart breaks for their sadness.

My job pays little but gives me back so much more than money.


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