“Kids These Days”


The other day one of the kids that show up quite early was watching me put the ground beef on to cook for stew. This is our conversation:

Kid:  “What’s that red stuff?”

Me: “It’s ground beef, Honey. It’s what you use to make hamburger patties.”

Kid: “No, what’s THAT red stuff on it?”

Me: “The liquid? It’s blood.”

Kid: “Why is there BLOOD on it?”

Me:  “Sweetheart it’s meat and all meat has blood in it.”

Kid: (with wide eyes asks) “Why?”

Me:  “Well, meat is from animals. Meat is dead animal, Honey.”

At this the kid was silent from shock. And it stuck me as scary how far removed kids are from the food they eat. How in the world can a second grade kid not get that the meat you eat used to be a living and breathing animal?



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