Comments From The Cafeteria


Today was hamburgers. I usually put one tray out with cheese for the burger and one tray out without cheese for the burger. Today one of the teachers spent a good three or so minutes explaining again (she explains every time we have burgers) that if you want cheese make sure to choose the tray with cheese and if you’d like not to have it make sure to choose the tray without cheese. Not two minutes later one little boys comes up to get his tray and he just stands there staring at me and in a little small voice says “I want cheese on mine.” I look at him and say, “Then choose the one with cheese, honey.” Oh my goodness!

Not five minutes later a little my coworker ask a little boy if he wanted chips because he hadn’t picked any up and we try to make sure they get everything they want on their trip through to reduce return trips. Anyhow, when she asked him if he wanted chips he bobs his little head up and down so she reaches over and picks up a bag of chips and tries to hand them to him. He looks up at her and says “I don’t want chips.” Ha!

I love my job.


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