My sweet Carlie has trouble with math class. Actually “trouble” will be putting it lightly. Sweet girls grades went up and down like the wildest roller coaster you’ve ever seen. Carlie has been diagnosed with ADD (not ADHD) and before you try to argue with me about ADD doesn’t exist you need to come live a day or two in our shoes. So if you don’t have anything positive to say shut your yap. Anyhow, after looking some stuff up on the internet and speaking with a friend who works in the vitamin shop of a local store we decided to try this:

And it works. She’s now making solid and consistent passing grades. No she’s not a straight A student now but there is nothing wrong with a solid C average when you know that’s the kids’ best try. Instead of her having to go in and redo paper after paper in order to bring her average to passing she passes the first try. We’ve had a couple of flubs but JUST a couple and it hasn’t brought her grade below passing.


I’m proud for her. I’m proud of her. She’s my girl.



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