Chicken #1, a Verdict


Moistness:  Good!

Crispness of Skin:  Great!

Flavor of Meat: Just Okay (enter wah wah wahhhhh sound).

      I washed and dried my bird then rubbed it down well with real salted butter. Afterwards I added a good amount of salt and pepper both in the cavity (ewww) and all surface areas.  I then trussed it with butcher’s twine and baked it atop a broiling rack which helped create more even browning and crispier skin. Everyone ate it and complimented on it but I’m not happy yet.  I think next time I need to brine the chicken overnight before cooking.  Also,I think I may stuff the cavity (ewww) with some flavor inducing items such as lemon or maybe some carrots and onion.



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